Park Heights

Community Leadership Academy

Community Leadership Academy

Innovation Works has partnered with Park Heights Renaissance to develop and facilitate a Community Leadership Academy. The Community Leadership Academy is a six-week program designed to equip community leaders with the knowledge, resources, and technical assistance necessary to implement the vision and mission of their neighbors and the Park Heights Master plan. Because this program has been developed specifically for the 12 neighborhoods within the Park Heights Renaissance boundaries, the focus will be on how to support the neighbors and businesses in the most sustainable and effective way. 

Strategic Partnerships for Community & Economic Development

The goals of the Community Leadership Academy are to build collaboration among community leaders with a final neighborhood plan that can be used for fundraising and development. 

Our Approach

Collaborating with City Agencies and Strategic Partners:

Learn effective strategies for working harmoniously with elected representatives and municipal agencies.

Building Community Participation:

Discover methods to recruit, nurture, and maintain active community involvement.

Effective Communication of Community Vision:

Learn how to build consensus and convey a shared vision convincingly to community members, developers, and stakeholders.

Strengthening Community Capacity:

Explore approaches to enhance the community's collective capabilities and resilience.